He sat there with that horrible feeling resting uneasy in his stomach, a lump of sickness making its way up to his throat. Nervous tension, he gripped hard at the seat, his knuckles white. Something certainly wasn't right. He had made this trip multiple times and now the not knowing was haunting his thoughts. Why the alarms? The darkness?

The lights came back on.

One of the crew was stood at the front of the transport ship's main door as if he was about to give his pre-flight safety briefing.

"Nothing to worry about folks. We've gone into a routine lockdown, there is nothing to worry about I repeat ..."

He didn't get to repeat.

One of the passengers lunged forward at the man and swiped the blade smoothly across his neck, blood squirted out across the deck in a straight line as the man slumped to the floor in a crumpled mess. The passengers let out a gasp of sheer horror at what they had just witnessed. Two of the passengers scrambled forward over seats to confront the assassin or perhaps to help the fallen man but it was hard to tell their intentions, for they soon cowered and lay prone on the floor as the Intaki man stood there in front of them with blade drawn ready, moving aside his jacket to reveal a small firearm at his right side.

The killer looked at them with an icy stare as warm blood began to fill the floor space.

He recognised the killer as the man who had shared the end seat of his row for the entire journey, they even spoke during check-in but he couldn't remember if he had mentioned his name or not. Quickly his thoughts were snapped away to the sudden realisation of the now and the terrible place he now found himself in. He wondered if this was how he would die as the assassin rifled the pockets of the dead man.

He swiped something at the door and it hissed open.

The Intaki murderer then looked at the passengers and without saying a word gave them the look and everyone in that room just knew what was expected of them. One dead man and twenty or so passengers not knowing what was coming next or what would become of them.

The killer exited the passenger bay and the door hissed shut, its locking mechanism clicking loudly.

Awkward silence enveloped the room for a brief moment and then the lights flickered again and briefly there was more darkness before again they were bathed in the warm yellow glow of the lighting system. Someone started crying in the corner and he caught a brief twinge of shit in the air stinging at his nostrils. There was a loud bang and again the lights dimmed just to the point where they expected darkness but it never came. Passengers started clambering around panicking and all hell had now broken loose but he still sat there with that odd feeling heavy in his stomach.

He didn't move.

There was nowhere to go in a locked room. Instead he sat and stared at the dead man on the floor, he tilted his head awkwardly to the right until their eyes were fixated on each other.

He let out a single short sharp burst of laughter and then laid himself down across the seats before folding his arms across his chest.



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