Severed Ear Found Following Space Station Brawl

CONCORD are appealing for witnesses after a man called a local medical facility saying he had found the chunk of flesh in a hangar bay.

A piece of ear has been found after a brawl in one of Amamake's space stations.

CONCORD officers were called by staff at the cloning facility at Amamake VI - Moon 6 - Brutor Tribe Bureau who received a call from a man claiming to have found the severed body part.

It is thought that the piece of ear, found just before 5am Sunday is linked to a fight in the Twisted Finger bar and music venue around two hours earlier where a neo-rock night was taking place.

A Brutor Tribe spokesman said: "CONCORD are in the early stages of investigating this incident.

"However, they are appealing for witnesses or persons with information to contact them."

Anyone with information should contact their local CONCORD office on 901 or dial Krimestoppers on 080000000000000000 55555555555555555555555 1111111111111111111111 extension 'b'.



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